Gratitude and Just “Chillen”

Posted: September 6, 2011 in 2011, Gratitude and Just "Chillen", Raising Hearts

This afternoon I received a call from the mom of the girl, that Jon visited in the night.  The first thing she said was “I am sorry”.  I can tell you that coming from the experience that she had this weekend, finding a naked black boy in her child’s room, in the night, this took alot. I didn’t blame her one bit for being as upset as she was.

She also took full responsibility for her daughter’s part in it all too. I love to know parents like that.  Our kids are better off when we make them learn from what they did, rather then blaming everyone else. These two kids were both wrong. BUT, Jon was certainly the more responsible one in this event. Too bad though that in Jon’s mind, he can’t see it that way. He  thinks like a little boy.  He doesn’t recognize how dangerous all this was. He says he was just “chillen”. Well son, Chillen can get you little butt in jail…………….

Now there is going to be a restraining order against him. He is not to go anywhere near this little girl who is only 15. I think this will be a very good thing. He will now know that Chillen can get the police on your case and the law is bigger then he is. Maybe it will save him from making a mistake like this again, that could be worse then chillen.

Sex is everywhere. We can’t turn on the TV without seeing it. Our kids are getting the message that sex is a normal thing to do with anyone.

Today it is not abnormal to walk through a school and see 12 to 20 girls in the school at one time, carrying babies. They think their little tummies are so cute. Most of the boys involved don’t stay involved and these poor parents are often stuck raising these children.

These same teenage girls are often out partying on weekends, totally oblivious to what can be happening to the life of their unborn child.

I want so badly to be able to be a voice to these teens.  It will take some real harsh reality to get through to them though. I don’t think telling a pregnant teen that alcohol can brain damage their baby, will mean much.  Too bad we can’t make a movie staring FASD kids.  It would probably not be a big seller, but it could sure carry a message.

I am so grateful to the mom that called me today. I am grateful that my son did not end up with charges of breaking and entering and statutory rape. This weekend was a night mare, but now I can feel the healing breeze of God blowing over it.

We have set up a whole new set of rules for Jon. He is no longer a renter here, but living as a child under restriction. One of his teachers offered to get us set up with MRDD today. I didn’t even know he could qualify for that. I am so excited that God is sending some help. We need it so badly. Praising God for small miracles today. I am grateful.

  1. Sarah Irvine says:

    thank you for sharing your story. I am very glad that once mom calmed down was able to talk to you as well. I have a daughter and so being on the “other side” you can bet i would be feeling the same way ….but once calmed down being able to look at it in a different situation like she did is good. I am glad you are going to be getting help.


  2. Ali says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am glad to hear that things are working out smoothly with this situation. I think your comment about making a movie staring FASD kids would be an extremely strong message. Sometimes movies that have kids with Autism Spectrum Disorder can bring light into peoples lives, so maybe this could be enlightening to some as well.

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