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 Matthew is off to college now and I can see such a maturity growing in him. He wants to be on the deans list and he is working so hard to do that. Little sleep and lots of hard work are teaching him that life as an adult is difficult, but worth it. He is making a way for himself and we are all so proud of how he is doing.

  I have to step back some days and just “admire” my children. They each have done so well. It feels great to launch them off into adult hood in a healthy way. 

Megan is my inspiration. She is our oldest and she is in a happy marriage with her bachelors degree in music. She lives life to the fullest and is so strong. She is raising our little grandson, Joshua who is such a treat.  If I had only had Megan and Jacob, what I would never have known about life? We did almost stop having children at two. One for me and one for you………..But God had other plans.

  Jacob is our oldest son and he is now disabled, but he is an awesome son. He is a gentle giant of a guy. He lives with us and he has been such a blessing to have here since he has taken over much of what I was responsible for. I am able now to concentrate on my two youngest children and work on getting well from fibro myalgia.

 Nate is our entrepreneur. He is planning to be a millionaire one day and bless mom and dad. Well that would be awesome, but first I would like to see him get a car, lol.  He is the most positive person on the planet though. Nothing daunts him. He just gets back up. That type of faith can take him far.

 Anna is so happy in her new marriage to Tommy who is such a great guy. We got two great son in laws. Dan who is Megan’s husband is also just what a parent would order for their daughter.Anna has such a strength about her now. She has matured alot. It has been much like watching a flower blossom out into beauty.

Briana is a hard worker and a great mommy to Jayden. He is our first grandson. Gotta love those grand babies. Bri is another one who never complains about life. She is about the sweetest thing on the planet and everyone just loves her. She turns 21 tomorrow.

Caleb has that golden touch. He is the type that can trade a paperclip for a house. He just keeps moving up in life and it seems nothing he does goes wrong. He started out in a fast food restaurant and made it to manager and every year he has improved his job and pay status to now he is writing software. His girlfriend, Kayla is in college to be a doctor. They are going to do very well. It has been so much  fun watching Caleb grow up. Life with him has never been dull or boring. He always has a joke and he keeps you on your toes.

I just wrote about Matt at the top and what an awesome kid he is. He has the whole world in love with him. lol That dimpled smile is what I think does it Or maybe his way of using his last two initials on facebook, IQ. He calls himself that to the world and it is a cute joke. He is so deep in his thinking that it fits too. His middle name is Isaiah and last Quinn, so you can see it was just part of God’s plan to give him that IQ. lol

 Next is Jon. Jon didn’t plan to have a disability. He has always wanted to be treated just like everyone else. There has been some grief that we have all shared to realize that Jon is not able to go on to college and move up in life the way his sibblings have. Often he has had the attitude that since he is not going to college, he is a nobody.

  Well NO ONE is a NOBODY. Everyone is put on this planet for some reason. Not all of my kids have gone to college and it doesn’t always drive a persons success when you do.

 Jon is becoming much more accepting of his limitations, even though I never limit my kids. The sky is the limit and God can do anything. It is nice to see him becoming more at peace with allowing us to help him though.

  Desi is our youngest and she is a senior this year. She does want to go to college, but we are trying to help her do it in a manner that she won’t get overwhelmed. So we think doing a two year college in four years would be better.  Having FASD affects everyone different. She gets stressed really easily and when she does, she can be prone to melt downs.

  Yes I can look over all my kids and find so much beauty and joy. Each is walking their own path and through the Lord, they are on a path of joy and success.

  We can’t look at anything as a negative in life. God can use it all as a positive.

Nothing worth fighting for is going to be easy, but every one of my kids are a blessing and have all been worth fighting for.

The battle is still on too. I am there with each of them as they walk through life and learn lessons that I once had to learn. I like to think that my ability to share with them how it was for me and the wisdom that God has given to me, spares them some of the pain and agony of the trials.

 I have heard it said that sometimes we keep going around a mountain until we get the victory. When we finally give up, then God can work and make our situation a blessing and success. I am always hoping that what I share with my kids will keep them out of that wilderness and into the promised land, faster then it took me.

 I have a dream and a vision for my future too. I am believing God for a farm and some land. I want a second home on that land for my disabled kids to live in. That way I can monitor medications and what is going on for them in their lives, but allow them some independence to have their own place.

 I want my own home too. 31 years of raising kids and I would love to have a kitchen back. One that isn’t constantly full of dirty dishes and left out items. One that allows me to do some cooking for wholistic eating and enjoy the process. Every woman loves her kitchen, but I haven’t felt that my kitchen has been mine for many years now.

 I believe God is going to make that happen for all of us.

I want to raise our own beef cattle on that farm. I love gardening and I adore our chickens. If I have a farm, more chickens can join them. We can keep a rooster. My daughters want horses. They can live on our farm and I will get to enjoy them.

 God has given me the desires of my heart all my life. He has always blessed me over and above what I could dare ask or think. I know that this farm and second home for the kids will happen. I have declared it and now I wait on God to bring it forth. He will. You all will rejoice with us when it happens. It is the promised land. The land right before Heaven. Heaven will certainly be a glorious place, but God gave us this beautiful earth to enjoy and I love it. I can’t wait for my beautiful land with trees, woods and places for animals to roam. Our promised land will be a land where quiet can take place. Praise God for it. Praise God for my children. I love them all so much.