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Over the years often I get asked how do we handle the mixed race issue. We are Caucasian, our four birth kids are also and all of our five adopted children are black or mixed.

I am amazed at how our family has done over the years and the fact that we have not encountered many issues at all, with this fact.

When the children were babies, I was a power house of energy. (would like that back God?).  Anyway, I used to gather up all my little chickens and put them in the van and we would go grocery shopping together.

Megan would push a cart with all five of the little ones in it and I would push one that would gather up food. My other three birth kids usually hung off the sides of my cart. We were a great team, Megan and I. I would usually send Anna, Nate or Jake fishing isles for things we needed and they would run around, get them and come back to hang on my cart.

Well The comical part was the people. It is so funny how people’s pupils can grow quickly when they look at you with shock. Secretly I guess I enjoyed shocking them all just for fun. Let them all guess if I was a bad girl who had too many partners, lived on welfare, etc. or if I was a foster mom. Rarely did anyone get that we actually adopted all these children. Most asked me if I fostered, if they dared to ask.

I always held my head up and just concentrated on the task at hand. I guess if I had an “Alice” at home, the little ones would have stayed home and I could probably have done this so much easier.  I never minded taking my kids places with me though. I didn’t have any race issues in my bones, or God wouldn’t have asked us to do this.

It was others that might have had a problem. The truth is that we rarely ran into any real problems. When I would go to the school to see a teacher for my kids, sometimes my kids friends would say stuff like “Is that your mom?” and my kids always proudly smiled and said “YES!”.

They all were proud and happy that I was their mommy. No one hid shamefully because they were a different color then us. They all knew that their mom loved them so much and that is all that counts.

If my kids were ever persecuted for this, they didn’t tell me about it and they usually all told me everything, so I just don’t think it happened.

Today it is interesting who they date. Caleb is mixed and he always has dated caucasion girls.

Bri is black and she has dated two asian boys.  She is still with Ryan now and he is asian.

Megan married in her race. Anna married a part hispanic guy.  Dan and Tommy are loved by all in our family.

Nate, our birth son, is single but often dates black girls.

Matt dates all races and Desi is currently dating a black gentleman named Max.

I just don’t think we are looking at race ourselves. We see people. I know all about racial prejudice. I am not unaware, but do you realize that all kids grow up about the same, no matter what their skin color is? They all have tantrums at age two. They all have tantrums again as teens and they all have beautiful purpose on this earth. God created each of us the same on the inside. It is called Human.

I always told the kids that we are not really black and white. We are all brown, just different shades of brown.

That is the type of Oreo we are, brown on the outside and human on the inside. We all love each other so much.

When we get together as a family, it is so much fun. Gosh, I am glad Mike and I listened to God and didn’t worry about what the world would think. Each child that is in our family was hand picked by HIM.  No mistakes at the Quinns.