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Today was quite interesting. Today I feel like a huge weight has been removed from my shoulders and I passed a giant test. WOW FASD caregivers, I can share some good news for once, lol

If you read my last blog post, you know that Jon decided to quit his job. Well he has had three no shows and is now probably fired. I can’t get him to consider calling them to quit first, or anything, so he is fired.
Well this means that I no longer have to watch his time, get him out of bed and fight with him to get ready on time for work.
This means that there will be no longer any more fighting over how much money he gets for allowance, or why can’t he have HIS MONEY. etc.
There won’t be an allowance and of course less money to do drugs etc.
This actually takes a huge load off me.
He gets SSI and it will pay the rent and food and that is enough for him to make it. There is a bit left for deodorant etc.
I am happy with that. I don’t know what he will do with his time, but my only big concern is getting meds into him daily, and that is all I am responsible for.
THIS IS A HUGE LOAD OFF ME. No more to fight with him about (well that is probably an understatement, but you get what I mean, lol)
I am really relieved and I thought I would be upset if he lost his job.
Now if he gets a job, I am not going to be responsible for getting him there at all. He will have to just get himself there on time and he will have to walk or take a bus. I am DONE!! lol
BIG Relief to me. I MEAN HUGE!!
Well today I was hit with another test and I am happy to say I passed it with FLYING COLORS!! lol
Here is what this kid did:
He came to my room and acted all cutsie. “Ok mom, I think it is time I moved out on my own now.”
WHAT? You just got fired from your job and you are now moving on your own?????
“Yup, it is time.”  Well I am still recovering physically from the weekend and so I am too tired to spend too much time figuring all this out. I just thought he is going to try some things and find out etc.
I did ask him if he was planning to move in with Stephen his friend. He said yes. Well does Stephen have money for an apartment saved?
Yup mom………..well I know that Stephen doesn’t have any money, as he just started a temp job and prior to that, he sold his plasma for his weekly gas and dope. lol.
 OKAYYYY, so he heads out to find an apartment.
RINGGGGGG………..Hello………Mom do you still have an ID for me?
Um, yes you have a high school ID here. I am thinking that he needs that to get an apartment.
So he comes back home and I give him the ID and his meds. I am thinking ahead. He might not be home tonight. 🙂
Maybe 15 minutes later, Jon shows up again. He was so mad. 
THEY WOULD NOT GIVE ME ANY MONEY AT THE BANK!!!! THEY SAID MY ACCOUNT WAS EMPTY!!!!! *the bank is around the corner from our house, DUH, why didn’t I realize that the ID might be for the bank??*
I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! After going to the bank this weekend and taking out 500.00 of his SSI money and all the upset that this caused, he was going to do it AGAIN?????????
Did he not get the text that I sent to him, JON! I have moved all the money out of your account. You will NEVER do this to us again!
Well if he got that text, his memory fails him.
So think about this. Here Jon was trying to get money out of the bank again. WHAT HE JUST DID LAST WEEKEND THAT I GOT SO UPSET ABOUT, besides the fact that he called the police on me and a whole lot more.
So temptation came across my path.  I could get angry all over again.  I started to, for just a minute………THEN I STOPPED!  NO WAY! I am not going to get angry. I am done with that pain. NO MORE SICKNESS for this mom. Please Lord let me not get angry any more. It is useless.
After I told him that I had removed the money and that he was no longer going to have bank privileges, he stated, “Well then, I am going to stay here”.  Um…………OK…….Ya think?  Maybe just maybe, he will appreciate having a home now and not think he has rights over me any more.
Ok, so he went to the bank to withdraw the rest of his money on the pretense of getting an apartment with his friend. Maybe he even thought he could get an apartment with his money. He would have no clue that the apartment company would look at the fact that he isn’t working and was just fired from his job. OR that it would cost probably close to a grand to get an apartment with the first months rent and deposit.
The truth?  I don’t think he was going for an apartment. I think he told me that as he planned to be gone for a few days on a spending spree!
I also think that this bank thing is why he quit working. When he saw money in the bank, I think he thought he was rich without a job. hehe.
So I had to chuckle. I won. I didn’t get angry. I passed the test. YEAH LORD!!!  I PASSED THE TEST!!!
I am so much more free now. Thank you Jesus!!!