No Drinking in Utero-No FASD

Posted: February 7, 2012 in 2012, No Drinking in Utero-No FASD, Raising Hearts

No Drinking in Utero-NO FASD


By the worlds standards, my son is grown up.

He’s an adult, but his life was messed up.


It all began when his birth mom, didn’t know

that alcohol in pregnancy, could damage him so.


Now he can’t understand, what is so wrong

He wants to feel like an adult. just to belong


He can’t manage time, money or bills

He can’t remember daily, to take his pills.


He does not know how to listen, or hear

what could help him each day, for he has no fear


of the dangers that lie just waiting for him

to reach out and grab him and take him in.


Risk taking is regular, in his life

and he loves to argue, his point in strife


As his adopted mom, we chose him

what the future held for us, was very dim.


We didn’t realize at the time, that our son

would have problems in life, that could not be undone.


Now we grieve, what he cannot be

because our son has FASD.


What is that? Would you like to know?

How did alcohol, damage him so?


Well you see, little babies cannot drink

intoxication for them is the very link


It pickles their tiny, wee little brains

and causes cells to die, growth looses gains


Each time it happens, the brain shrinks down

and looses impulses, that carry messages around


Soon the routes for thoughts do not work right

this poor child’s life, becomes a great fight


Many say, he’s so bad and not right

they think he is angry and not very bright.


If he only would listen and learn what to do

All would be well, yes we will fix you.


Not going to happen with this child you see.

His brain is damaged, He has FASD.


So life goes on for my son each day.

He tries to do right, but there seems no way.


He cannot connect, what he needs to grow

He will always be lagging, and struggling so.


Managing a job, is a task he can’t do

He needs an aid in life, someone just to,


Keep him on, the right path each day

An overwhelming task, I just want to say.


My child needs help, for his life to be

safe from bad choices, that he doesn’t see


Can put him in danger, jail, or the grave.

He does not realize, how to behave.


I want to tell you, that this is not right.

If you will just listen, please open your sight.


This can all be prevented, if you will see.

No drinking in utero, No FASD.


By Terry Quinn

  1. rosewilting says:

    What a true and touching poem. I joined yesterday because of your post. Link from FASlink.
    Every bit of it is pain shared. Our daughter is still young but has this future, because of the parts of her brain that were damaged. Being the safe haven and the target is an awful place.
    I don’t think her birth mom knew the damages she was causing. We didn’t know. My obgyn recommended an occasional glass of wine during my pregnancy with our now teenage son. I did not drink but he has other inherited issues that make him vulnerable.
    He has “graduated” but not able to be on his own. Disability might help financially but it will be squandered without supervision if he can qualify, but she will need this. IDK about group homes but it has been in the back of my mind for a while. I’ve been laboring on educational needs IEP’s and the many specialists that our girl has needed so far, just dealing with the day-to-day.
    Lee has rage and destruction responses that have impacted our lives in ways only the parents of other FASD parents can know. I join you in supportive prayer for our children.

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